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Our gingham pattern is bright and energetic. Whether you’re headed to Chappaquiddick, spent the day boating, lounging on Aquinnah beach or grabbing drinks at The Seafood Shanty our swimsuit is built for your lifestyle!

“Wampanoag” means “People of the First Light.” Before Benjamin Gosnold renamed the island Martha’s Vineyard in 1602, it was called Noepe by the Wampanoag, meaning “land amid the waters.” Many Wampanoag still live on aboriginal lands on the southwestern end of the Island, a 3,400-acre peninsula called Aquinnah. At present, there are over 900 members listed on the Tribal rolls. Of these, approximately 300 reside on Martha’s Vineyard.

This colonial period was marked by prosperity as well as peace. The sea provided fish for both export and Island use, and the Wampanoags taught the settlers to capture whales and tow them ashore to boil out the oil, according to the Marth’as Vineyard Chamber of Commerce.

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