Our Roots

Men’s swimsuits are hard to come by with the proper fit, pattern and size. We believe in products being practical and easy to wear. After watching a confident man go swimming in a tight Euro fitting suit in the waters of Puerto Rico, we thought to ourselves, why doesn’t everyone wear swimsuits that are more comfortable for swim and play? Board shorts are both unattractive and impractical. Whether you are swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or kicking back to relax and play on the beach, your board shorts are likely cumbersome and not streamlined for any kind of activity.

Our vision is to provide men and boys with not only a swimsuit, but also a lifestyle.

We put our heads together to design our line that provides you with an all purpose swimsuit that is available globally.

The style has been created to make your day to day activities more seamless.

We plan to grow our mens line into one for boys as well, because why not be matching with or without dad! We will be introducing Sweetcheeks by blú in various prints, so if you have a young boy in your life he can match you in the water!

So, what are you waiting for…
Let’s Go!

blú Beach Towel
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