5% of online purchases will go to protect the ocean from today’s greatest global challenges.

Ocean Conservancy works with millions of volunteers of all ages, from all around the world, on International Coastal Cleanup

We all love the ocean, let’s protect it.

A healthy ocean means more than beautiful coasts and vibrant ocean wildlife. If the ocean isn’t healthy, neither are we. Because the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we’re breathing this very second comes from our ocean.

Ocean Conservancy is focused on solving some of the greatest threats facing our ocean today. From the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico, they bring people, science and policy together, to champion innovative solutions and fight for a sustainable ocean.

That’s why for over forty years they have worked to protect vital ecosystems, defend critical legislation, enforce accountability of leaders and legislators and rally the world’s largest effort to remove trash from our beaches. Because a healthy ocean means a healthy planet.

For more information on Ocean Conservancy please visit https://oceanconservancy.org

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