Two Time Finnish Olympian Matti Rajakylä in his blú swimsuit
Two Time Finnish Olympian Matti Rajakylä is comfortable and stylish in his blú swimsuit
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My ten year old son wears his blú bathing suit all day while playing in the ocean waves, biking, swimming in the pool and running around because it’s so comfortable. And I love the colorful designs.

Alexandra Kotur, Former Style Director – Vogue Magazine

I loved wearing my blú suit on my honeymoon in Greece. There were many Europeans who came up to me and asked where I got it. The inner pocket was convenient to hold my hotel key.

Matt DiFrancesco

"I am an athlete. I love how I can seamlessly go from swimming to running or biking in my blú suit. I like how they dry quickly too."

Brendan O’Reilly

“ I love playing volleyball in my blú suit. It really holds in my boys!”

Colin Diricks

"these fantastic blú suits fit great and feel great on dry land for yoga and in the water. I love them!"

Michael Curry

“I could wear this all day at the beach or pool all day and feel incredibly comfortable and supported. With regular swimsuits you are always aware you are wearing one. With this, you don’t really every get that feeling. It’s like you can lounge around in the house comfortably and then jump right in the pool after or play around on the beach without ever having to change.”

Bradley Clarke

blú is multi purpose.

blú is maximum comfort.

blú is fun.

blú is exciting.


blú is revolutionary!

Have you ever experienced rash or chafe from your swimsuit?

Have no fear! Our newly designed blú suits not only offer protection to your private parts, but also insulate your skin and prevent rubbing.

sweet cheeks by blú

Sweet cheeks by blú for your young lad.

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Have you ever sat on the beach with your child and gotten sand up into your private parts?

Search no longer! blú has a remedy for you! blú suits are tighter fitting so sand will not reach up into your suit.

blú will give 5% of each online sale to the Ocean Conservancy- making our waters blú
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